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Forks High || A Twilight Roleplaying Community

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A Twilight Roleplaying Community, focused around the high school.

Do NOT add your personal journal to this community. We will just DENY your request.

And it severely pisses off us mods.

Welcome! Characters:
Welcome to forkshigh, a Twilight roleplaying community. We're brandnew, but this community is run by the same people that run the already successful forks_high. We'll be running forkshigh about the same way forks_high is run, so here are the rules.

1) You make sure to read all of the rules before posting anything.
2) Go to the audition post to audition for a part. Follow the prompt and feel free to ask any questions. New characters are welcome, but it's encouraged to use Stephenie Meyer's characters too.
3) Once approved, you make a separate journal for your character and post a comment under your audition so we know what your journal is.
4) The mods will post role play boards on the community for people to post in comments. Comments on the community posts are to be in third person. As in 'he said, she said'.
5) After a certain amount of time, one of the mods will post on the community post to tell you to wrap it up and then a new post will be opened.
6) Your own posts in your character journals are to be in first person. Be sure that the FIRST THING IN YOUR POST is either the words 'private', 'public', or 'selective'. Private means that, yes, what you wrote is posted, but only your character knows it. Others can read it but their character do not acknowledge what is said. Public, obviously, means anyone can read it. Selective means you have to specify which characters can read it.
7) Everything is IN CHARACTER unless you write 'ooc' (out of character). Do not take offense to anything.

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